about us

The winning combination of skincare, massage with sound therapy and The Alexander Technique is what Deborah Pernell offers at her practice located in Armory square.

Pernell Skincare opened it doors over twenty years ago and as the practice grew I have added more services for my clients.

Skincare: With more than Twenty years experience in Paramedical Skincare, I have developed an effective line of therapeutic home care products. My skin treatments sessions use gentle, non-invasive methods to achieve healthy vibrant skin.

Massage: My treatment room is outfitted with a vibroacustic sound therapy table. The precise compositions and deep tones palpate through the table into the body and nervous system, allowing a faster pathway to deep relaxation and healing. My massage sessions are intuitive using a combination of therapies and techniques, ever learning and adding new methods of healing.

A link to learn more about sound therapy:

The Alexander Technique:  When we give our attention to how we sit at our computer or send a text message, or even how we chop carrots we are then able to notice how we preform these tasks. For example do we push down on the chair to stand up, or do we slouch so far forward when we text that some one could with the lightest of touch push us off balance? Or do we hold our chin up thinking this will make us taller when in fact this action lets the our head compress its full weight onto our spine, which can be anywhere from 10 to 14 lbs. think bowling ball and you get the idea.

The most exciting thing, about learning what we do as we move through our day, is that we can stop or change these sometimes painful habits. Through the guidance of an Alexander teacher we can again feel, experience and integrate the freedom we once new as children but lost as we grew to adulthood. The reasons are varied and many that caused us to misuse ourselves, following are a few examples, sitting in classrooms, imitating parents, teachers and friends, physical and/or psychological trauma. The point is ,the cause doesn’t really matter what matters is that we can change.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”
Gerorge Benard Shaw. playwright and pupil of F.M. Alexander

 Useful links to learn more about the Alexander Technique.: http://www.alexandertechnique.co