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Pernell Skin Product Recommendations

At the center of the Pernell Skin approach lies time tested effective skin care products. Simple, fast and easy. The few minutes you spend on your skin will yield healthy, radiant skin.

Three Easy steps... Products developed for skin that is sensitive, dry, normal, oily or active. We have the health and balance of your skin in mind.

First step - Cleanse or Exfoliate choose one product morning and night.

Cleanse to remove any makeup or impurities.

Cleansing Choice:

  • Gel Wash for most skin types.
  • Clear Up Cleanser for occasional breakouts, mild or active acne or oily skin. Also great for razor bumps, use before shaving.

Use a small amount of cleanser, pea size. Use a light-handed touch with a lot of water. Rinse.

Tip: The effectiveness of these cleansers is to use them sparingly.

Exfoliate to remove surface layers and encourage cell turnover.

Exfoliant Choice:

  • Cleansing Grains for most skin types.
  • Super Scrub for normal, oily or active skin with mild to moderate breakouts. Do not use with inflamed acne.

Tip: Use a light-handed touch with a lot of water. Light pressure, circular motion. Rinse. Rinse. Rinse. If choosing Super Scrub and you have breakouts, gently rub an Ice Cube on these areas for one minute after cleansing. Avoid eye area.

Second step - skin penetrating serums choose one serum morning or night.

Skin RepairSerum and Vitamin C works deep, penetrating the lower dermal layers.

Serum choice:

  • Skin Repair gently exfoliates as it delivers potent nutrients to deeper layers.

How to use: On clean skin, use a few drops on fingertips and either serum easily glides right on. Remember to smooth the chosen serum right down on the neck. Avoid eye area. Eye Treatment follows, the tinest amount gently pat around delicate eye tissue.

Tip: A little product goes along way.

Third Step - Spritz, Hydrate and Moisturize.

Combine products or use separetly.

Moisture choices:

  • Spritz for a light layer, a humectant which draws water from the air.
  • Hydrating Layer oil free clear and luxurious. It plumps and comforts the skin.
  • Crème on Top seals it all in. The perfect barrier, not too heavy and leaves the skin perfectly protected.
  • Eye Treatment good for all skin types. Use the tiniest amount, gently pat around delicate eye tissue.

Tip: The above hydrators and moisturizers may be used in combination, layered one on top of the next or, use one product alone.

Extra Step - Mug Mask can be used morning or night. applied on a clean skin.

Mug Mask when your skin needs a little extra attention.

  • Mug Mask -- good for dry, normal, oily and acne. Use a thin slurry, leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse with tepid water. Or, spot treat bumps and breakouts and leave on all night.

Tip: When spot treating for breakouts or bumps, apply an ice cube for 30 seconds before the mask. The ice takes away redness and itching, and the mask becomes much more powerful and effective.